Nagha Bahal (Shree Gha)- Kathmandu

A quiet and relaxing Thamel Square off the main drag


Nagha Bahal is a very beautiful little Square which is easy to miss. You'll find it down a little side Street off Chandraman Maskey Marg (left hand side going north). One minute you're in the busy Street lined with Shops, Stalls, avoiding Motor Scooters, the next you're in a tranquil place - that's Kathmandu!

Drubgon Jangchup Choeling Temple - Thamel

The Square is no more than 70 meters x 4. The main attractions to the eye are The Drubgon Jangchup Choeling Buddhist Monastery / Temple and the Khatesimbu Stupa. Amidst these are numerous Statues, a School and a few hundred Pigeons !!

The Temple is really decorative and full of colour. You can walk around it setting off the Prayer Drums, light a candle for someone but best of all is the serenity of it all; it's quiet and on the occasions I popped in hardly saw any Tourists at all.

Entry appears to be free but there's an opportunity to make a donation. There is absolutely no 'sell', an example of the Buddhist lifestyle.

It seemed to me the School has continuous breaks, or it perhaps a roster system as each time I came across Children playing football with a Tennis Ball around the western side of the Square. This is something you find all over Kathmandu, play + prayer = happiness, or as near to it as you can get, also of course that in most cases in Nepal, all Religions share their Holy Places

You won't be harassed should you decide to take a seat for a while, it's a beautiful place to do so and I highly recommend searching it out. I wouldn't suggest having a Sandwich there though, trust me, there are a lot of Pigeons!

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Buddhists in Drubgon Jangchup Choeling Temple in Thamel
The Inner Temple Court. On the other side of the doorway you'll find a huge Prayer Drum.


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